"Take warning, operation omega"
  • "Take warning, operation omega"

"Take warning, operation omega"


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After a 10 year wait, the "op omega" shirt has made a return, and had been professionally screened. Front with the "omega ivy" logo and the back reads "omega Jackson wack mc's take warning?" Printed on the back. Small to 4xl black available

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we put up my second instrumentals in the music section as well as the store, its FREE, or for a (fan picks the price?) our can get it on CD for $3.00USD. plus 2 dollar shipping :) new shirt will be here around next week, im happy as fuck for that. anyway , thanks for support.


Thanks to my brother subtext for this, my first full length album... I'm gonna post about it in the blog section


this is the official and damnit i mean official we site for omega jackson, full ghetto alchemy and what ever name i choose to put these records out on?


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